News and Such

Elise and Heather are proud to welcome you to

Ewereka Yarn

The Official Yarn of Nerd Wars!

Hand-dyed in Portland, Maine with Maine dyes, each skein is lovingly colorized with beloved Nerd Warriors in mind.

Colorways reveal the history of Nerd Wars, and are a love letter to each team and challenge.

Tournament 2 ready-to-ship colors!

We have added some new colors to represent teams from tournament 2 of NerdWars! If you don’t see your team yet, don’t worry, we will continue to add more until each team is represented.

New on-demand colors, and ready-to-ship coming soon!

New ready-to-ship skeins are being revealed, and keep your eyes open for some on-demand colors. We’ll be starting with some skeins of Perpedes, which is far and away our most popular base.